ideas   over  identity

Michael Oristian
Congress CA-53

California used to have an independent spirit
that led the nation in solving problems
and captured the imagination of the world

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about me

I'm a successful entrepreneur and entertainer — who's held true to the conservative ideals of liberty
  through a career in technology, entertainment and environmental efficiency — all fields where I had to be a careful, charismatic & compelling contrarian

Stanford University

Graduated with a degree in Earth Systems / Environmental Technology

Developer / Entrepreneur

Coding ideas from the napkin to reality — founding and selling successful startups and consulting for others

Entertainer / Musician

Accomplished piano player and singer who can bring any room together with a sing-along

on the issues

free speech

Everyone has a right to fully express themselves and their ideas — free of censorship


Include political ideology in the list of protections in our equal employment opportunity laws

legal weed

Tax marijuana to fund treatment programs for meth, opiates and other controlled substances

second amendment

Ownership of guns by law-abiding citizens shall not be infringed, more important now than ever


Lead firmly with strategies to curb the plight of our citizens living on the streets, balancing effective law enforcement with liberty


Protect and defend our clean air & water in sensible ways & let innovation lead us, not apocalyptic mandates


Enforce legal immigration and employment visas based upon meritocracy and domestic labor supply


Cut the red tape that inflates the costs of everything from housing to insurance to public utilities


Support charter schools and parent choice, empower teachers to pursue their own curricula towards student learning


Support interstate healthcare insurance and patient choice. Repeal ACA and ensure medical provider transparency and cost-fairness

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Let's get a free-thinking Conservative like Michael into the House. As I've written in my book, The Divided Era, our Constitution wasn't just written for times like these, but also IN times like these. It will take common sense and the charisma of someone like Michael to move Congress forward.

Tom Del Beccaro
Former Chairman of CAGOP, Author and Political Commentator

Michael Patrick Oristian has my full endorsement in his bid for the 53rd Congressional Seat. While he did not serve in our armed forces after growing up at West Point, he is the kind of fighter we need in the fight against socialism in this Country. Domestically, it is a war of words; he can articulate the conservative case, lest we lose the freedoms which our brave military has fought so hard to protect.

Brigadier General Mike Neil
United States Marine Corps (ret.)

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